Star Nation's Guidelines

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The following guidelines are in place to outline the use of Star Nations by its members.

Star Nation's Guidelines

By using Star Nations you agree to these guidelines.
The following guidelines are in place to outline the use of Star Nations by its members. This is to help create a community of the highest intent and an enjoyable place for all who use it. If you don't wish to abide by the following guidelines set out, it will be apparent that our community may not be for you. We aim to notify members when a breach of the guidelines occurs, but depending on the severity, this may not always be the case.

Star Nations is a high vibrational community & social network for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers and those on the spiritual path.

The purpose of Star Nations is to assist the planet and all of its inhabitants to higher states of consciousness, leading to the positive evolution of the human collective on Earth.


A. Be yourself
We ask that all members use a clear profile picture of themselves. This is to encourage an open, honest and engaging community and to assist in building a strong connectivity between us all.

B. Come from the highest intent
It should go without saying.. to come from the highest loving intent with all your activities on Star Nations. This means being friendly, welcoming and inclusive of all members.

1. Don't be rude, hurt, attack, put down or talk down to other members.
2. Discrimination or judgemental attitude towards others is not ok.
3. Star Nations is a 100% drama free zone. Causing drama within the community is not acceptable.  
4. Profanity or swearing is not tolerated. Keep things high frequency.
5. Acting superior to others based upon abilities, knowledge (or otherwise) is not ok. We all have something to teach and learn from others.
6. Friendly high-frequency debates are great. Argumentive, angry and generally low frequency ones are not.
7. Consistent fear mongering is not tolerated. To understand the problem but have our focus on solutions is what Star Nations is about.
8. Don't post content that may be offensive, illegal or spammy.


C. Posting to 'Everyone'
When posting to Everyone, on someone's profile or in a public group, it goes to the entire community. The following rules apply:

1. Try to keep your posts high frequency. For everything else.. post to the designated private groups in section D below.
Don't just post media or content on its own. Talk about it, discuss it.. or use it to support a message you have to share.
Keep posts on topic (starseed, lightworker, spirituality, soul development, metaphysical, earth solutions, creativity, nature, conscious living etc). Please keep off topic posts, selfies etc to other networks.
4. Post content and discussion that will be of high interest to the entire community.
5. Flooding the public feed with your posts is not ok. Post one or two items at a time. If posting multiple photos, combine them into one post instead of flooding everyones feed. There is a maximum of 3 posts per hour to prevent flooding everyones feed unnecessarily.

Posts to the entire community (everyone) that do not follow these guidelines may be removed without notice.


D. Private Groups for Lower Frequency Content
Please keep all lower frequency content to the designated groups below.

1. The Healing Chamber is for anyone requiring advice or assistance during the tough times in life, emotional periods, spiritual crisis, challenges or going through a dark night of the soul period.
2. The Control Grid is for everything relating to the cabal, control systems, social conditioning, mind control, surveillance programs and for exposing all agendas trying to control, manipulate or disrupt the positive evolution of Earth and it's inhabitants.

E. Fear-mongering, Doom and Gloom
Constant posting of fear talk, apocalyptic events or doomsday scenarios is not helpful nor acceptable on Star Nations.


F. Advertising & monetization
Advertising and monetization off links or products is allowed via an advertising campaign with Star Nations (see F2). This helps to keep SN spam free whilst also allowing businesses to support the costs of running the Star Nations network.

1. Using a Star Nations account to advertise your services or post links you are monetizing off is not allowed unless you create an advertising campaign.
2. If you wish to advertise a business or service, you can create an advertising campaign by selecting 'Advertising' from the top right drop down menu. For any help regarding advertising feel free to contact us.


G. Bans and Removal
If you don't agree to or abide by the following guidelines set out, it will be deemed you are not authorised to use this site or its services. We aim to provide warnings when a breach of these guidelines occurs, but depending on the severity, this may not always be the case.

1. A ban or removal is final. You are not authorised to use this site or it's services.
2. Disrupting the entire community by posting content that is relating to, contesting of or creating drama surrounding a breach of these guidelines, a warning or ban is obviously not ok.
3. Trying to bypass a ban or removal by re-signing up, using a friends account or any other techniques to circumvent is a breach of our terms of service.

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