Signs you're a Lightworker

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Let's take a look at what a Lightworker is and the top signs of being one!

Signs you're a Lightworker

Let's take a look at some of the common signs of being a lightworker. But firstly.. What is a lightworker anyway?

Put simply it's a being or soul that has incarnated on Earth at this time to help raise the frequency of the planet and it's inhabitants. The focus of the lightworker is on making Earth a better place for all and to help shift it towards higher levels of consciousness and evolution.

Lightworkers do this by spreading positivity, healing, love and invoking change on many different levels. For many being a lightworker is also about bringing in new ideas, helping others and working energetically with the planet and all of life on it.

So what are some of the signs of being a lightworker you ask? Here are some of the common Lightworker traits.

A strong knowing since you were young that you are here to help the planet and accelerate the evolution of consciousness. This idea would be a huge part of your life and a strong knowing that this is why you are here.

You may have an overwhealming feeling of helplessness at points in your life as to the state of the planet and how to go about changing it.

You may have the ability to heal yourself and others energetically. Usually this will come naturally at a young age without any prior knowledge on how to do it but may also be learnt later in life through books and teachers.

You may have a strong feeling that being on Earth is like living somewhere quiet primitive in its evolution. You see many aspects of the planet primitive, for exmaple.. the need for military, the government and legal systems, the carelessness for the environment, the fear based media, the dramas being played out and the many religions that each claim they are the one truth.

You may be more prone to anxiety due to a heightening feeling of energies from other people, technology, situations and locations.

You may have an inner understand of the big picture, beyond what most humans are aware of. This could be described as a galactic or cosmic view of things. Seeing the big picture or expanded view of the Earth experience and all that is.

It's likely you have a strong connection with animals, nature and the planet. You love being around many animals and have a strong love for them. You prefer to be out in nature amoungst the rainforests, mountains and ocean.

A strong feeling that you're very different to the majority of people here, even to the point that people tell you how different you are.

Well there you have it, some of the top signs you're a lightworker.

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