A Modern Resolution to Enclosure of the Commons

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The predominant political / economic model used by more advanced civilizations beyond this planet and why

A Modern Resolution to Enclosure of the Commons

The following is an article explaining the political / economic system used predominantly by more advanced civilizations beyond this planet (Geolibertarianism) and is part of my Starseed mission to provide as what will replace fractional reserve banking in the new economy. The reason Geoism (the dividing of resources of natural scarcity by taxing them at the market rate of return and dispersing the collected revenue) is replete beyond our planet is that it is an alternative to war by dividing resources between diverse species or local groups and provides a residual income to everyone. The reason Libertarianism (maximizing personal liberty and minimizing the role of the state) is replete is that freedom doesn't go out of style and it acts as a protection against overextension of the state. GeoLibertarianism (in Earth terms) is the merging of Geoism and Libertarianism which are the two permanent and replete traits of ET planets more advanced than we are and essentially what the aliens will replace our current economic model with if we run out of oil and depletables and an intervention becomes necessary. I have explained it in terms of a resolution to enclosure of the commons to express it in terms of Earth's development and to make it easier to repost in places where starseed knowledge is not available or accepted to give it a broader reach. Repost freely, all content free and opensource. Channeled, compiled, and written by an Arcturian Starseed with past-life origins and correctness of it being employed on at least one other planet confirmed from a near death experience.

A Modern Resolution to The Enclosure of The Commons

An introduction to Geoism (which can be applied to any resource possessing natural scarcity)

There is an underlying inequality that goes unrecognized in modern free-market capitalism, however its source is not regarding free markets, but the establishment of private property. The problem can be understood as follows: Imagine that you have an area of land that a group of people are occupying as a commons. Before the establishment of private property everyone has equal access to the land and therefore it can be said that they have equal equity in the land. Now imagine that the government intervenes and decides to privatize a part of that land. By virtue of doing so the government has given exclusive occupancy rights to a single holder, and taken away the occupancy rights of every other person without giving them fair compensation (commonly known as the enclosure of the commons). An underlying inequality has therefore been created by government intervention and the disenfranchised masses should be compensated for their lost equity from the property that they were formerly able to occupy freely, but no longer can. A simple solution to this problem does, however, exist; if the value of the private parcel of land can be evaluated and the market rate of return is known, then the private parcel of land should be taxed annually or monthly at the market rate of return (the rental value of the property) and the proceeds of this tax should be divided amongst everyone else who can no longer use the land as compensation for lost accessibility. The implications of this model are far reaching. Surprisingly, even if it were used as a substitute for all other taxes, it would create a more equal distribution of income than most modern nation-states currently exhibit, and generate a higher economic growth rate not a lower one. The discovery of this underlying inequality is not entirely new, but was rather first recognized by the late economist Henry George who wrote a book in 1879 called Progress and Poverty.

    One of the major implications of this model of “taxation” is that by virtue of offering a mechanism for redistributing income in the form of a residual income it offers the possibility of implementing a fully market-based approach for determining spending for items such as health-care, education, and pensions in place of existing centralized government decisions and offers the option for expenses to be voted on whether to be public or private and for the remaining income to be given directly to the people. For example, if a person were sick, disabled, in need of funds for education, or retired and requiring additional income, they could simply choose to occupy land with a lower than average market value, and would receive a residual income from the other property-owners as compensation for using less than their share of property. I would like to point out that a person occupying a property of average value pays no net tax under this model. It should also be noted at this time that such a tax would not be applied to all private property, but only those resources that occur naturally, and not the portion of the value of goods that have been appreciated due to labor activity or value-added processes. The rational being applied here is that since no person is responsible for creating natural resources, no person or group of people should have an exclusive claim to them, but rather equal equity should be assumed.  Labor, on the other hand, is created at the discretion of individuals and is considered the produce of their efforts or capacity and therefore should not be taxed. I additionally recommend that the residual income created from the payment of private property externalities be protected to deter predatory lending that has become replete. It is recognized that for the purposes of utility and practicality private property does need to be allocated, but should only exist with proper resolution of the aforementioned inequality. Ironically enough, if the government does only this it can potentially enhance the economy by creating a framework that facilitates fair exchanges. Given that the government has a monopoly on the use of force, the underlying inequality should be considered an externality of government intervention.

    Contrasting this with the current policies of most developed economies, current fiscal policy unduly taxes labor (through income tax) while ignoring the inequalities created by the creation of private property entitlements. This results in the artificial depression of labor rates while temporarily raising return on capital. Seen from the perspective of demographics it keeps the relatively small portion of people who derive the majority of their income from the ownership of capital artificially higher, while keeping the wages of the majority of people who work for their income artificially lower- a scenario which is both inequitable and falls short of its meritocratic claims. It is also absolutely true that the modern welfare state emerged from the system’s inability to pay the externalities of its own enclosure, and had it even cleared its own bill, we would need it to do far less.

    To summarize, governments are responsible for creating the single largest cause of inequality, by virtue of not correcting the externality of their intervention in creating private property rights and attempt to remedy the economic inequality that results from this by unduly taxing labor, which is little more than a cosmetic remedy for a deep underlying problem, and artificially depresses labor rates and artificially [and only temporarily] raises return on capital. If left unchecked it will result in an ever-growing disparity between the rich and the poor, of which there is already great empirical evidence for. Finally, the most promising thing that this system offers is a stronger pressure towards automation and a society where the machines work for the living instead of the living working for the machine.

    The only thing that the system ever had to do was pay its own externalities - the alternative is for it to be the author of inequality while claiming to be a corrector of it, and yet this insight can lead to its sound resolution.


Arcturian "COnduit" Cropcircle Message, Crabwood, UK 2002


This is a transcription and channeled interpretation of the 2002 cropcircle message found in Crabwood, UK in 2002:

2002 Crabwood Alien Cropcircle

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]"


    This cropcircle was left by the Arcturians (from Arcturus) and it's interpretation and numerology will be revealed here. The message itself is referred to as a "COnduit" which has multiple meanings, first of all supernaturally it has the potential for two way communication as a cognitive artifact as the way to reach the Arcturians is through telepathic communication and belief in their existence and the desire and faith that they can be reached is the means through which they are reached. The reason that the first two letters of COnduit are capitalized is that it refers to a "CO" process (two individuals or groups), inviting us to communicate back with them. The message has been reverse engineered to work with some mathematical patterns that refer to critical dates (years) and their words speak on multiple levels to mean multiple things as once. I hope and believe that the aliens can help us to improve our development and improve upon our financial system so that it too can be overunity and already is in the sense that it increases efficiency of exchanges by providing a medium of exchange so that there can be a double coincidence of desire where people have different goods to offer.

    In the binary message has 7 additional markers throughout the binary sequence  that create a series of dates based on their spacing throughout the message on the spiral. 

    "Much PAIN but TIME" refers to the fact that they know we are suffering but are stating that there is still time [we are facing some challenges of natural resources starting with oil and it corresponds with how to help us regarding how to manage the economy.  

    "There is GOOD out there" refers to the fact that there is goodwill and kindness beyond our planet and sound interest that can be engaged. There is also immense goodness here and maybe we can put together our interests and raise our faith just be believing and having faith that there is a way!

    The dimensions, number of lines [resolution] and other metrics of the message reveal the date "1947" [the year of Roswell] and its GPS location, relative to the posting of the message and in absolute coordinates.

Finally, the three stars above the alien's right shoulder are the same stars that make up Orion's belt also known as "the three wise men" and point to the aliens heart, which is a reference to the great story of all ages and even concepts such as eternal life and transmigration of the soul.


The decryption and sourcing of this message was performed by George Molson on behalf of the staff and community at ANTEKK (Anomalous Technologies Network). Transmission received, sender [Arcturians] verified, COnduit OPEN. We CANduit




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