Advertising on Star Nations

Star Nations is the perfect place to advertise a business or service in the metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric, health or personal development fields. Creating an advertising campaign is quick and easy and helps to support the costs of running Star Nations.

The cost per click for an ad on Star Nations is just $0.50, compared to an average of $0.85 on Instagram, $1.50 on Google and $1.70 on Facebook. Advertising on Star Nations enables you to place your ad in it's optimum niche environment without having to worry about keywords or trusting your ad is being delivered to it's correct target audience.

To get started, create a new Star Nations account as your business and upload the company logo as its avatar. Now you can create an advertising campaign by selecting Advertising from the top right drop down menu. First go to your wallet (card icon) and add funds by entering in a whole dollar amount. This transaction will be charged by 'Fountain of Being' via PayPal.

When you have funds loaded up, simply select create new. Here you will enter in all the details and upload a photo for your ad. Choose where you wish the ad to appear (post is recommended) and then select either pay per view or pay per click depending on how you want to run your campaign.

When your ad is created, it will be displayed live to all members of Star Nations as either a sponsored post or on the sidebar. You can pause your ad at any time by selecting the circle with a cross icon in the actions area. If you require any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.